Malyo Wilderness Camp

nestles on the bank of the Kwando River in one of the permanent channels.

Located between permanent water and grass-swept plains, we took pride in our commitment to tread lightly on the Earth - the result is an organic architecture that blends seamlessly with one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Namibia.

Malyo Wilderness Camp

is rewarding, both spiritually and physically and again reinforced the knowledge in my mind about why Southern Africa is such a special part of our Planet.

A region that must, at all costs, be preserved for future generations. 

The whole area around Malyo is fertile and largely undeveloped, with lush riverine ecosystems supporting abundant  game and   birdlife,   with the Mudumu National Park just minutes'  drive away.

Crossing the bridge when we get there...
The new permanent tents - easier for you!
Beautiful sunsets.... Close to nature.
We support catch and release
Desiged & Created:  Niqui Bosch    2009 - 2018